Subject: Renaissance Tower Portfolio - Emergency Communication

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Emergency Contacts
Dallas PD
Property ManagementEmergency contact number for property management in case of building closure.
Tracking Information
National Hurricane Center
Hazardous Weather Outlook
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General Information
What to Do In Case Of a Fire
  • Think fast and act with caution: When you first discover a fire determine what to do immediately. If the fire is small and you have the proper fire extinguishers, PUT IT OUT.
  • Sound the alarm: Do not underestimate any fire. If the fire is too much for you to handle, report it immediately.
  • Warn the people: Warn all people in the area immediately so they can get to places of safety. This is especially important in the case of fires in buildings.
  • Stand By: Stay near, but at a safe distance from the fire. Meet and tell the fire fighters where the fire is. They can waste valuable minutes if they have to find it themselves.
  • Fire Fighting: Everyone is responsible for preventing fires. But everyone is not obligated to fight major fires. In general, never join in the fire fighting unless your help is requested by the firemen.
  • Correct Extinguishers: Different fire extinguishers are recommended for each type of fire. For CLASS A fires (wood, textiles, rubbish) use foam or water. For CLASS B fires (grease, motor vehicle, flammable liquids) use foam, dry chemical, carbon dioxide or vaporizing liquid. NEVER use a water-type extinguisher on live electrical equipment. You can be electrocuted instantly by the electrical current following the water stream to you body. NEVER throw a stream of water on a CLASS B fire. You can splatter flaming liquids over a wide area, spreading the fire out of control.
Property Team
Courtney Blohm
Senior Property Manager
1201 Elm Street, Suite 101
Dallas, TX 75270
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Robert Harris
Senior Chief Engineer
1201 Elm Street. Suite 101
Dallas, TX 75270
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Irma Nieto
Property Assistant
1201 Elm Street, Suite 101
Dallas, NA 75270
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